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Tired of watching your old office space cluttering up with all the unwanted junk? Want to upgrade your workplace with new decor & furniture but you’re not sure where to send the old one? If it’s that time of the year again when you consider upgrading your office space, then call Flat Rate Junk Removal in Tamarac, Florida for complete office cleanout service. From swapping non usable furniture to hauling away large cabinets & cupboards, our professional junk removal service in Tamarac, Florida can handle everything for you. We can remove furniture, work desks, filing cabinets, electronic appliances, dry walls, non usable concrete substrates & much more. Want to get rid of your office waste?


What Do We Do with Your Old Junk?

We know that the best place for your old office furniture is at our recycling center. We have three options: dump it in a landfill, take it away for recycling or find new homes to go into if they are still functional after some time has passed since their last use by someone else! If you want them saved from going wasted altogether then there’s always an option where we fix what can be fixed so less goes down those pesky waste disposal chutes (which would otherwise end up adding even more volume than necessary). If you’re tired of your old desk or furniture, don’t just dump it in the trash. We’ll take care of it if there’s anything salvageable and make sure less ends up in the local landfills! You can even get a tax receipt for all donations–just contact us today so we can help with flat rate junk removal in Tamarac Florida.

How Much Does Office Cleanout in Tamarac, Florida Costs?

Flat Rate Junk Removal offers upfront pricing for all your junk items that remains the same until we are done. Now you don’t have to worry about additional costs, packaging or labor work with our office cleanout service! As our name suggests: Flat rate junk removal charges you a one-time fee and once our professionals confirm their price with you they will take care of everything else from there on out including hauling away all unwanted materials. so just sit back & relax while our experts handle all things for you. Who wouldn’t prefer to hire such a cost effective professional office cleanout service in Tamarac, Florida?

Office Junk Removal
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How Does Flat Rate Junk Removal Manage E Junk?

One of the most important things to think about when you’re moving is what’s going to happen with your old electronic junk? Especially if that includes machinery and other such devices. It would be a shame for all this high-tech equipment not only to end up in landfills but also release toxins into our environment as well! Luckily, Flat Rate Junk Removal can help make sure it doesn’t – they will take care of everything.

When it comes to office cleanouts, don’t let your unused items become a burden! With our junk removal service, teams of professionals will take all that unwanted clutter off your hands. From there it goes into one of two recycling facilities for safe disposal and clean-up before finding its way to the junkyard where we can process anything left over from previous trash runs (or if you’re feeling charitable). We provide certified E waste management with complete tracking capabilities so there’s no guessing about what happened next – you get nothing less but just total transparency throughout this process.



At Flat Rate Junk Removal we try our best to keep our prices reasonable and we make sure that you know all of our charges up front so you won’t be surprise by any hidden costs. We offer list of prices right here on our website at Or you can give us a call at 1-800-299-5865 and talk to our representative to get a free estimate or schedule a office clean-out appointment. We are located in Brooklyn, but serve most of the NYC city as well.

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100% Satisfaction

I highly recommend this company. I booked their service in the morning for my hot tub removal and they came out the same day in the given time window. Professionally removed the hot tub without damaging any other part of my property. Hassle-free service.

jack Smith

Highly Recommended

Harry was great to work with, the price was reasonable and scheduling was pretty easy. I contacted them via website and set an appointment for the same day service. The company responded quickly and quote a fair amount. I will definitely call them again for any junk removal job and recommend them to all.

Dave Newton


We were shifting our house and we had lots of useless things which needs to be removed. My wife and I decided to remove the pile of junk. My friend recommended me Flatrate Junk Removal they were reliable and professional throughout the job. I highly recommend to all.

Grant Thompson

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