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Is your bathtub old, worn-out and breaking off from different areas? Call Flat Rate Junk Removal to provide instant bath tub removal service in Glendale.

Get Same Day Hot Tub Removal Service in Glendale

Hot tubs can be a nuisance. Especially, when they do not heat too well or the jets on them are failing to perform efficiently. If your hot tub has a noisy pump or the control panel of your hot tub is giving an error code, these are signs that your hot tub has now become obsolete. But what to do, if your hot tub becomes non-usable or deteriorates? You certainly can’t leave it on the sidewalk for your local garbage pickup service in Arizona to come around & pick it up? Call our professional junk removal for Hot tum removal in Glendale.

Now get the same day hot tub removal service in Glendale in just a phone call.


Is the Hot Tub Becoming an Eyesore?

Although, a hot tub is a harmless thing if it’s simply lying around in your backyard. But if it’s becoming an eyesore, then it’s about time to remove it from your premises. Choosing Flat Rate Junk Removal for hot tub removal in Glendale, Arizona has a number of benefits. For one, Flat Rate Junk Removal offers easy hot tub removal under the supervision of professional junk removal experts. They have years of experience under the belt in doing all the heavy lifting work and transporting hot tubs from residential locations to recycling centers & landfills.

 Is your hot tub taking up space in your backyard and hurting your home’s aesthetic?


Our Simple Hot Tub

Removal Process


We make junk removal in Glendale as easy as it gets. When you want to get rid of your hot tub, you simply call our junk removal service and one of our customer representatives will reach your location. Based on the specifications and the size of your hot tub, our two men crew will take care of the detachment and heavy-lifting of your hot tub. For us, removing the hot tub is an easy process because our teams have been doing it for years. Whether it’s Glendale or elsewhere, our professionals can instantly come to your assistance just about any day or anytime you want.

Need hot tub removal in Glendale, Arizona? Call our professionals at any time.

Why Removing Hot Tubs in Is Essential?

Hot tubs are bulky and are physically large in size which makes them relatively hard to remove. It’s one of the reasons why many citizens of Glendale, Arizona prefer to keep their hot tubs intact despite the reason that they are getting old, rusty or non-usable. Having a hot tub occupying precious space where you can host a barbecue party with your friends, place a grill, or gaze at the stars with your beloved hot tub simply diminishes these options for you. Unfortunately, you are left with not much to do as long as the hot tub is there in your backyard. If you want to make the most out of your backyard space, it’s essential that you hire a professional hot tub removal service in Glendale Arizona for your hot tub disposal.


About Flat Rate Junk Removal


Flat Rate Junk Removal is a full scale junk removal company where we take care of everything junk for our citizens in Glendale Arizona. Our professional junk removal company has years of experience in taking away junks of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for an estate cleanout, construction debris waste removal, yard waste removal, appliance removal, office cleanouts, or just about anything else, our teams can do it all for you. What makes us special is our flat rate fee structure where we offer a single flat rate for all junk types. Based on the amount of junk you want to get rid of, we offer you one price. It means you don’t have to pay anything extra when you come into business with us.

Client testimonials


100% Satisfaction

I highly recommend this company. I booked their service in the morning for my hot tub removal and they came out the same day in the given time window. Professionally removed the hot tub without damaging any other part of my property. Hassle-free service.

jack Smith

Highly Recommended

Harry was great to work with, the price was reasonable and scheduling was pretty easy. I contacted them via website and set an appointment for the same day service. The company responded quickly and quote a fair amount. I will definitely call them again for any junk removal job and recommend them to all.

Dave Newton


We were shifting our house and we had lots of useless things which needs to be removed. My wife and I decided to remove the pile of junk. My friend recommended me Flatrate Junk Removal they were reliable and professional throughout the job. I highly recommend to all.

Grant Thompson

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