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Are you planning to get your bathroom renovated? Want to get rid of an old hot tub lying in your bathroom or backyard? Call Flat Rate Junk Removal in Marco Island, Florida to provide you with instant bathtub removal.


Hot Tub Removal Made Easy with Flat Rate Junk Removal in Marco Island Florida

Your new hot tub is finally ready for delivery! Now you need to get rid of that old one. There are many ways to do this, but the simplest and quickest may be by renting a dumpster from your local company or putting it near an alleyway with no residential buildings nearby. But did you know that local garbage companies don’t have enough space to load up a hot tub and leaving it at the side of the road in front of your house can burden you with a hefty fine? If you don’t want to end up with any of that, call our professional hot tub removal service in Marco Island, Florida.

Let our experts take your hot tub to where it belongs so you don’t have to end up wondering about paying those fines or towing it away to the local landfill yourself.

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Why Flat Rate Junk Removal is the Right Option for You?

Don’t worry about getting a quote for removal, we’ll take care of everything and only charge you by weight. Plus if it’s aluminum or stainless steel then there will be no additional fees! You don’t even have to lift a finger – just give us access so our two-man crew can do all the heavy lifting during their shift in order to remove your hot tub from the site.

At Flat Rate Junk Removal, we are able to provide fast response hot tub removal with low prices without making you experience any setback with customer service. It not only makes us more valuable than any other company in the market but also somebody who knows how to resolve your problem. Call our professionals now & get the best service in town.

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We Don’t Charge You Anything Extra For Any Large Items

Many companies charge high prices for disposing of large items such as a hot tub. However, at Flat Rate Junk Removal we offer a flat rate per load so it doesn’t matter if you have one or two extra things on hand – our rates will pretty much remain the same! Not only are our rates free of any surprise fees but when you’re dealing with us, you don’t have to worry about getting any unpleasant shock once the disposal day arrives. We tell our customers everything beforehand so they remain relaxed right from the start till the very end. If you don’t want to find yourself haggling over prices, call Flat Rate Junk Removal in Marco Island, Florida.

Call Now & Get a Free Estimate!

Do you want to get a free estimate on how much it will cost you to get a hot tub removal done? Feel free to get in touch with our customer representative by dialing in at  1-800-299-5865. Call now and one of our fast response hot tub removal services in Marco Island, Florida will arrive at your location and get rid of your bathtub for you. It hardly takes our team less time to inspect your hot tub and provide you a free estimate on location. Once you confirm to us that you’re satisfied with our quoted price, we haul your hot tub away for you.

Do you want to learn more about our services? Speaking with a representative is the best way to find out more about our junk removal services. You can schedule an appointment by calling (800) 299-5865 right now!

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