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Do you happen to have an old and worn out mattress sitting in your basement or somewhere out in your yard that you want to get rid of? Have you called almost everyone asking for advice on how you can do away with it? If so, don’t worry yourself anymore because Flat Rate Junk Removal is here for you.
Most people don’t know that an old or damaged mattress is one of those things which are hard to dispose of. This is why some choose to leave it out on the sidewalk or toss it into their dumpster. This is not the right thing to do and you can also be fined for it. So what should one do if they have an old mattress that they want to get rid of?
When it comes to mattress disposal in Monroe Township, NJ, you need a team of reliable professionals who can do the job for you from start to finish. At Flat Rate Junk Removal, we are here to give you that and much more at a reasonable cost.


Flat Rate Junk Removal Understands That Old Mattress Disposal In Monroe Township, NJ Is A Growing Problem

Are you aware that the average mattress weighs approximately 63 pounds and can take up as much as 23 cubic feet of space? With such numbers, you will need the services of a professional company when it comes to mattress disposal in Monroe Township, NJ. According to experts, a person’s mattress is only helpful for about ten years. So, how long do you think you can really use it after a decade? If you’re tired of your old mattress and planning to buy a new one, Flat Rate Junk Removal offers the best mattress disposal services to Monroe Township, NJ residents. We have the necessary human resources, machinery, and expertise to handle mattress disposal in Monroe Township, NJ so that you don’t have to trouble yourself about how you will move it, haul it, and finally dispose of it.
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Our Unique Approach To Mattress Disposal

As mentioned earlier, an old mattress is one of the most uniquely challenging items you may have to remove from your home at some point. Not only can they be bulky and heavy, but they do not necessarily keep their shape once you start to move them. In addition, even if you manage to get them out of the house, you shouldn’t leave them out in the trash. You will need a big vehicle and experts to remove it, and this is where Flat Rate Junk Removal comes in. If you are a Monroe Township, NJ resident, save yourself the time and effort by calling us to remove your old mattress. Our well-trained team of professionals will show up on time and conduct the entire process of mattress removal in NJ safely & effectively. This entails getting it out the front door and right up to the disposal facility. Want to make mattress disposal in NJ an easy process? Call us today.
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How Flat Rate Junk Removal Takes Care of Your Old Worn Out Mattress?

At Flat Rate Junk Removal, we take great pride in keeping the environment healthy. This is why we always do our best to find a good way of recycling your mattress. In most cases, where the mattress is in good shape, we choose to donate it to a local charity or a foster home. If it’s unrepairable or non usable, we then ship it off to a recycling center where all the necessary raw materials are extracted from the mattress which can be later on used for multiple other purposes. This is just one of the many reasons you should trust us when it comes to mattress disposal in Monroe Township, NJ. To learn more about how we do things in Monroe Township, NJ, call us.

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100% Satisfaction

“Very good service and dispatch team! Very fair pricing and the employees were very respectful of my home and property while removing my junk. “

- Michelle Schneiderman

Highly Recommended

“These Guys where way above my expectations, Gave me a Good Estimate for a full Truckload they were very Professional, Cleaned up, Came with 3 Guys and got the Job done within a Hour.”

- Personal Touch Healthcare


“Great price, and Chris and his helper did a great job, would highly recommended them to anyone who needs junk removed. Would and will definitely use them again”

- Cedric M

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