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Are you tired of old refrigerator units always shutting down or not cooling food & beverages properly? Do you want to replace your old refrigerator unit with a brand new one? Call Flat Rate Junk Removal in Palm Springs Florida for refrigerator removal. We are a complete appliance removal service where our experts can take away just about any refrigerator model without breaking a sweat. We believe we are the right choice for your refrigerator removal because unlike other junk removal services, we don’t go ahead and dump your fridge into the landfill. Instead, we take it to one of our nearby recycling centers where your old unit gets recycled properly. We are an eco-friendly business and we care about the environment.

Are you searching for a junk removal service in Palm Springs , Florida who can make sure not to contribute to the damaging of the atmosphere or global warming?


Why Choose Flat Rate for Refrigerator Removal in Palm Springs Florida?

Refrigerators tend to become old and worn out with the passage of time. Being a reliable & trustworthy refrigerator removal service in Palm Springs Florida, we take your appliance junk to our nearby recycling centers where our recycling experts take apart your refrigerator and remove all harmful components from it. While moving your old beat down refrigerator from point A to point B, our team of professionals take up the responsibility of doing all the heavy lifting for you. We remove old refrigerator units in Palm Springs Florida making sure no harm comes to your premises. All you have to do is make the call and our skillful team of experts will be at your disposal making the entire removal process as easy as ABC. Do you want to replace your old and beat down refrigerator with a brand new one? Call Flat Rate Junk Removal to remove your non-working refrigeration unit from your basement or personal space. 

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Got Junk Piling Up?

Time to call in the expert junk removal in Palm Springs Florida once and for all. Call us at 1-800-299-5865 now and get your free estimate today.

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Our Teams Can Remove Refrigerators of Different Sizes

One of the primary concerns among the citizens of Palm Springs is whether our junk removal service can take away all kinds of refrigerator units or just specific models. Well, the answer is, our teams can remove almost any kind of residential or commercial refrigerator off your premises. As long as your refrigerator unit is not as big as an entire warehouse, we can remove just about any sized refrigerator unit from your premises. When it comes to refrigerator removal, our teams have the right expertise & all the required knowledge to remove refrigerators from even the tightest spots in your homes. Are you planning to upgrade an already installed refrigerator at your restaurant? Call us and we can take away your commercial refrigeration unit as well. Besides refrigerators, we can also remove stoves, ovens, flattops, dishwashers, ranges, freezers & more. Searching for a reliable refrigerator removal in Palm Springs?

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Do You Also Recycle Refrigerators in Palm Springs, Florida?

We believe in creating a livable environment for every living being on planet Earth. It’s one of the reasons why our junk removal teams don’t dump your old refrigerator in one of the local landfills in Palm Springs, Florida. Our teams are well aware of the harmful toxic gases which are present within the refrigerator and how they can create significant damage to the environment. At a recycling center, professionals can take entire refrigerators apart and remove the harmful components so they don’t end up adding to global warming. Once, every harmful component is permanently removed from the refrigerator unit, only then our teams go ahead with the process of dumping the remains to its final abode, the landfills. We believe recycling refrigerators can keep the environment clean & green, and that’s what makes our team special.

Why Consider Refrigerator Recycling in Palm Springs Florida?

A refrigerator is made up of many components. Some are volatile, such as gas containers containing harmful refrigerant gases like Freon or R-12 which were commonly used in the 90s models. When you dispose of a non working refrigeration unit, these toxic materials get exposed to the environment, which in turn deteriorate and cause harm to the Earth’s ozone layer and raise many prominent environmental concerns. Besides, a refrigerator unit also has other parts made up of metal & plastic which can be recycled. Hence, you should always consider recycling the refrigerator before dumping it into the landfill.


Refrigerator Removal

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“Very good service and dispatch team! Very fair pricing and the employees were very respectful of my home and property while removing my junk. “

- Michelle Schneiderman

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“These Guys where way above my expectations, Gave me a Good Estimate for a full Truckload they were very Professional, Cleaned up, Came with 3 Guys and got the Job done within a Hour.”

- Personal Touch Healthcare


“Great price, and Chris and his helper did a great job, would highly recommended them to anyone who needs junk removed. Would and will definitely use them again”

- Cedric M

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