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For most people, upgrading their appliances usually leads to having old and unused items taking up valuable space inside their home or business. This further creates unnecessary clutter and puts the homeowner in a stressful situation.
Flat Rate Junk Removal is a leading appliance removal company in Stanhope, NJ  that you can trust to handle such issues on your behalf. We are also fully licensed and insured to offer proper, responsible, and eco-friendly appliance removal services.
For appliance removal in Stanhope, NJ, we will haul out and dispose of any clutter, no matter how big or small the pile may be. All you have to do is call us, and we will provide you with an estimate or on-site price before starting the appliance removal process.

Why You Should Choose Flat Rate Junk Removal For Appliance Removal In Stanhope, NJ

If you require appliance removal services in  Stanhope, NJ, you should choose Flat Rate Junk Removal. We will come to your home or business to haul your junk away. Our cleanup and disposal services are crafted to ensure that any kind of appliance clutter you have is fully-disposed of using ethical means.
Our main goals for appliance removal in Stanhope, NJ is to ensure that all our junk removal processes are done properly and responsibly. At Flat Rate Junk Removal, we follow the best practices for recycling based on New Jersey’s state and county ordinances. Furthermore, our team of removal experts are always keen to ensure there is minimal disruption to your home or business premises. If necessary, we can even remove the appliance when no one is around, as long as the junk is accessible to our team and machinery.

Appliances removal services ny

Appliances We Can Remove

We remove all types of different appliances including:
Plus, we offer complete cleanouts and handle mixed loads, so you don’t have to worry about separating your items prior to hauling and disposal.

Flat Rate Means No Surprises

As our name suggests, we offer a flat rate price for all junk removal in  Stanhope, NJ. As a result, we fully understand that coordinating appliance removal in  Stanhope, NJ with your local municipalities can sometimes be very difficult. This is why we have cut out the middle man. We can handle the entirety of your appliance removal process. You only need to tell us what items you want out, and we handle the rest. When it comes to pricing, we make sure you’re the best affordable option on the table. For that, we do not judge on the quality of junk you want to remove but provide you a cost estimate based on the quantity per cubic feet. As much as you want to discard, we are here to help.


Be Fully Satisfied From Our Top Quality Customer Service

At Flat Rate Junk Removal, top-quality customer service is also another main concern. Therefore, our commitment to customers does not end until we feel they are fully satisfied with the job we have done. In addition, if you happen to realize that you have some additional items that you would like removed during your appliance removal process, whether it be electronics or furniture, you only need to let us know and we will take them for you.

Another great thing about working with our team when it comes to appliance removal in Stanhope, NJ is that we will always offer you a free estimate before we undertake any appliance disposal project. This means you will be fully aware of how much your washing machine or refrigerator removal will cost you before we arrive at your door to begin work. This eliminates the possibility of hidden additional charges, which can be a real burden to clients.

Flat Rate Junk Removal is ready to get your appliance removal job done. So give us a call today to get a free estimate or book an appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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100% Satisfaction

“Very good service and dispatch team! Very fair pricing and the employees were very respectful of my home and property while removing my junk. “

- Michelle Schneiderman

Highly Recommended

“These Guys where way above my expectations, Gave me a Good Estimate for a full Truckload they were very Professional, Cleaned up, Came with 3 Guys and got the Job done within a Hour.”

- Personal Touch Healthcare


“Great price, and Chris and his helper did a great job, would highly recommended them to anyone who needs junk removed. Would and will definitely use them again”

- Cedric M

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