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Electronic waste is most commonly found in several places including our homes and offices. Seldom does it cross our mind that we need to get rid of them since they are only occupying space and harming us in no other way. However, if left unattended, this particular e-waste can create a detrimental impact on our lives by releasing toxic gasses in the air. Most e-waste contains harmful chemicals which are not only damaging to a person’s health but are not good for the environment. The toxicity released from them can deplete the ozone layer, contaminate water and can also impact the soil’s composition.

Are you a resident of Tempe and you care about the environment? Flat Rate Junk Removal is the place for you. Call our professional service and let us provide you with an instant e-waste removal & recycling.


Do You Know That E-Waste is Rich in Metal Resources?

We believe landfills and scrap metal junkyards are the only places to benefit from the e-junk, but that’s certainly not the case. There are other places which can capitalize on the e-waste from these locations. For instance, the manufacturing industry is among many who collect scrap metal from junk yards for re-usability.

  • Based on revenue, the market cap size of the scrap metal recycling industry alone stands at a massive $50.1 billion in the year 2022.
  • Besides, the market cap size of scrap metal recycling has magnanimously grown over in comparison to the technology sector overall in the United States.
  • As per estimate, 35,000 lb of copper, 7702, lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold and 33 lbs of palladium is easily recovered from over a million trashed up smartphones.
  • Almost 30-40 times more copper is extracted from a ton of circuit boards than what is mined from a one metric ton of ore in the United States.
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What is the Efficient Way of Getting Rid of E-Waste?

People often confuse getting rid of e-waste with normal garbage disposal but we recommend otherwise. It’s because most e-waste is either rejected by your local garbage pickup because of its composition or they often find its home in the landfills which eventually contributes to the deterioration of the environment. Therefore, it is best advised that you call up a professional junk removal service to take away all your e-junk. It’s because they know how to discard your e-waste in the most effective manner. They take away your junk to recycling centers where reusable items are separated from toxic & harmful elements. Before you know it, your e-waste becomes indispensable without causing any damage to the environment whatsoever.

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We remove all types of different appliances including

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What Type of E-Waste Can We Take Away?

At Flat Rate Junk Removal, we offer an eco-friendly and reliable service. Our processes are safe & efficient; not only that, but our junk removal in , Arizona ensures that your old electronic junk ends up in the right location. May it be for charity or a recycling center, our professionals can handle any junk type in the most efficient manner.

The type of e-waste which we can remove from your premises include:

  • Computer Recycling in Tempe Arizona
  • Monitor Recycling in Tempe Arizona
  • Printer Recycling in Tempe Arizona
  • Copy Machines Recycling in Tempe Arizona
  • Shredders Recycling in Tempe Arizona
  • Televisions Recycling in Tempe Arizona

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Why Choose Flat Rate Junk Removal?

Flat Rate Junk Removal is a professional junk removal company operating in , Arizona. Our teams are quite popularly known for their expertise in removing any kind of junk from all kinds of residential & commercial property. As our name suggests, we charge our customers a flat rate price for all junk types based on the amount they want to dispose of. May it be old monitors, printers, scanners, old fax machines, or any other e-waste, our teams can easily remove them for you, from your premises.

Just dial 1-800-299-5865 and let us provide you with an instant e-recycling service on demand.

Client testimonials

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100% Satisfaction

I highly recommend this company. I booked their service in the morning for my hot tub removal and they came out the same day in the given time window. Professionally removed the hot tub without damaging any other part of my property. Hassle-free service.

jack Smith

Highly Recommended

Harry was great to work with, the price was reasonable and scheduling was pretty easy. I contacted them via website and set an appointment for the same day service. The company responded quickly and quote a fair amount. I will definitely call them again for any junk removal job and recommend them to all.

Dave Newton


We were shifting our house and we had lots of useless things which needs to be removed. My wife and I decided to remove the pile of junk. My friend recommended me Flatrate Junk Removal they were reliable and professional throughout the job. I highly recommend to all.

Grant Thompson

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