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Flat Rate Junk ATM Removal

If you are stuck with an obsolete (or broken) Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), you know that getting rid of it is not as easy as you might think. Not only do these high-tech machines contain internal parts that could be dangerous to the environment if stashed in a landfill, but the security risk can be even greater if it not disposed of correctly. Then there is the problem of an ATM’s size. The fact is, ATM’s are big and they are heavy; which means you need expert movers to get them out of your store or office area.

Security Risks of ATM Disposal

Every Automatic Teller Machine contains an Encryption Pin which is used to keep the data stored inside, including customers access codes. While these EEP’s are used to safeguard a user’s account, if it falls into a hacker’s hands, it could give them access to thousands of bank accounts without the owner’s knowledge or permission. This is a huge concern when disposing of old ATM’s. Keep in mind that if you do not dispose of an ATM correctly and it is hacked, your company could be held responsible for damages. In order to ensure that such sensitive information is kept out of the hands of unscrupulous hackers, you need a removal company that understands exactly what to do. At Flat Rate Junk Removal we train our removal crews to handle sensitive ATM jobs with a keen eye to attention. When you hire us to remove your old ATM you can feel confident that our expert crew members will: Sanitize the entire machine (this includes removing keypads and memory boards and clearing out EEP’s), Offer secure transportation, Recycle as many individual pieces of the machine as possible, Handle all lifting and loading with the removal of the ATM from any location

Getting Help with ATM Removal

If you have an ATM in your office or business, sooner or later it will need to be replaced. Be sure that it is disposed of safely and efficiently by calling in the expert removal crews at Flat Rate Junk Removal. Call 1-800-299-JUNK to talk with one of our customer care specialists for detailed information.

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