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A refrigerator isn’t the easiest thing to get rid of, and not just because of the size. An old refrigerator contains harmful chemicals that can damage the environment. If you take your refrigerator to the landfill, it will sit there for years and may seep into the earth, damaging the soil or even getting into our water supply.

Our Flat Rate Pricing Makes Refrigerator Removal a Breeze

The idea of getting rid of an old refrigerator can be an overwhelming thought. How will you lift it and where will you take it? Let us do the work for you. Our simple, flat rate pricing structure makes it affordable too.


Why Refrigerator Recycling is Important

Like most major appliances, there are many components to a refrigerator. The chemical that keeps a refrigerator cold is called Freon. Models built before 1990 usually contain an especially toxic version of Freon called R-12. Today’s refrigerators are much safer and more energy efficient but still must be treated with care upon disposal. In addition to taking care of the harmful chemicals, it is possible that some of the reusable materials in a refrigerator (such as metal and plastic) be recycled. By recycling these materials, it can keep them out of the landfills and may prevent other material from needing to be produced. Call us at 1-800-299-JUNK today. We will help you get rid of your refrigerator at a simple flat rate price and help you feel good about taking care of the earth. That’s a win-win situation!

Client Testimonials

Quick Response, Satisfied!

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Using these guys 2nd time and both of my experiences were awesome. I had Roy, and Don this time and they were all super professional, friendly, and lightening fast. They completed the move quicker than their estimate (which happened last time as well) and made a stressful day just a little less stressful. The pricing is also more than reasonable.

Professional & helpful

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Worked with AL to get some furniture removed from my grandparents apartment. He's professional. Prices were more than fair. I had another company quote me triple what I paid. Great to do business with.

Highly recommend their services!!

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Quick and excellent service with unbeatable prices! That's the service I've been looking for. David is a nice guy. Not only he took care of my foldable sofa bed alone, he was also very responsive and also confirmed the pickup one day before. We scheduled an early morning pickup and I knew I could trust him. Again, awesome service, and I'm saving Brian's in my favorite for the next time!

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Great price and great service.

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